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Don't get over anxious and start elimintating every easy shot you have on the table specially if your ball happens to be blocking a pocket whereyour opponent could otherwise easily seek two or three balls. The counterpoint, do leave balls to strategically lock up corner pockets. This reducesthe number of available pockets your opponent can easily target.

Unless you have practiced them a lot and have no doubt as to your ability to be successful avoid the The Bank Shot(Double) and the combination where your results are uncertain and you are likely to leave your opponent in good position.

The "first law of position play" is to get the hard shots off the table first, before clearing the isolated balls.

Always Have One Foot On The Ground

Distracting your opponent will not be tolerated

What is The Obsession about being 7 Balled ?

Getting or giving a 7 ball whitewash in this game of ours is so over rated.Let me say this is my personal opinion,but if your opponent got a 147 against you at snooker,9 times out of 10 you could do nothing about it.A 7 ball clearance at snooker would give you a maximum break during the game of 25,or a run out of the colours of 27,neither anything to write home about and on a table at least twice the size.

I accept that pool is a different skill and personally I find that it is the weaker players who start off and try and pot everything.I love having 7 balls left when my opponent has only one or two but I agree that, that stratagy can go wrong and you can get 7 balled,but "so what"stuff happens.

Pool is 50% luck and 50% skill,similar to backgammon,if you dont get the throw of the dice things go wrong.

To my mind if you worry about being 7 balled you are not playing the game right. What does anyone else think ? Jim Bridge

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